7 Corporate Travel Tips – ULTIQA Hotels & Resorts


1. Eat & Sleep Right

Eating the right food at the right time makes a big difference in how you cope with jetlag. It’s   because meals act as ‘time clock’ for your body — so adjusting the amount and type of food you eat can make a big difference.

Try eating in the lounge prior to departure to avoid having a big meal on the plane. During the  flight, choose a light meal that’s easy to digest and not heavy on your stomach. Follow this with some tea to help aid digestion. In addition, try to drink as much water as possible to ensure you don’t feel flat and dehydrated when you step off the plane Avoid the carbs, fatty foods, salty snacks and soda drinks. When you land, have a high protein meal to help you stay active in a bid to switch to the new time zone.

2. Arrange Mobile Phone and Internet usage before you go

There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination turning on your phone and the no service symbol appears. Ensure your international roaming is switched on and your data plan has been upgraded to ensure no surprise billing charges appear on your return.

3. Take the appropriate plugs and adapters

Do your research of what adapters you need to have in the country you are visiting, that way you know all your items will be ready to go when heading out to meetings. Also try to minimise a tangle of cords by utilising a USB port plug as this usually can charge an array of devices.

4. Speed through security

Pick your security line wisely. This can save a lot of time. Pick the line with the most business traveller’s as they are more likely to have less baggage to check. They are also more likely to be prepared for the security check which means no delays with travellers unsure of the requirements.

5. Choose your Seat accordingly

If you know your landing time is close to an appointment, pay extra to sit in the front row. This will ensure you are the first off the plane and can beat the rest of the plane to either the baggage carrousel or the taxi rank.

6. Sign up to Airline and Hotel loyalty schemes

If it’s free to do, so sign up to as many as possible. This will provide you with exclusive discounts and rewards such as free Wi-Fi or upgrades.

7. Travel Light

We live in a world where Airlines prosper on Extras/Add on’s. Travelling with only a carry on will decrease costs and time spent in airports, waiting at baggage carousels or finding out your baggage has taken a detour to a different destination. In order to do so you need to pack light. Decide what outfits you will be wearing while you are packing and try to get them to match with one pair of shoes that you can wear on the plane. If you need a jacket, wear it on you, this will save a lot of suitcase space.


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