Best Ice Cream Shops On The Gold Coast


The warmer weather has arrived! Nothing cools you off like a delicious ice-cream. We have prepared a list of the best ice-cream shops to enjoy on your next Gold Coast Holiday.


The Gelato Shop – Broadbeach

A family run business that makes its gelatos from scratch. The quality ingredients and delicious flavours is what makes this one of the best shops on the Gold Coast. Locate on the corner of Surf Parade and Albert Ave in Broadbeach, this shop is a must for all ice-cream lovers. With 38 QLD Food & Wine Awards under their belt it clear to see why this is a crowd favourite. Not only do they have great ice-cream they also serve warm waffles!

Recommended flavours: rum & raisin, Mars Bar or Blood Orange Sorbet.


Cold Rock – Broadbeach

Cold Rock is located in the main street of Broadbeach (Albert Avenue), a short walk from both ULTIQA Air on Broadbeach, ULTIQA Freshwater Point Resort and ULTIQA Beach Haven on Broadbeach. Famous for its “cold rock” in which customers get to choose their own ice-cream flavour then chose a variety of mix’s such as caramel fudge, sweets, chocolates or biscuits then it all gets smashed together using the cold granite bench top.

Recommended flavours: Milo Ice-cream with Maltesers & caramel fudge added in or bubble-gum ice-cream with nerds & sour worms added in.


Ben & Jerry’s

Located in the Cavill Mall Surfers Paradise Ben & Jerry’s have some decadent ice-cream flavours on offer and serve some awesome desserts.

Recommended Flavours: Frozen Flakes (Cereal milk ice cream with crisp cereal swirls).


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