Whale Watching Wonders: South-East Queensland’s Must-Do Winter Experience | ULTIQA Hotels & Resorts


As the crisp air settles over South-East Queensland and the azure waters beckon, the majestic humpback whales begin their annual migration, turning the region into a prime spot for one of nature’s most awe-inspiring spectacles. From the iconic shores of the Gold Coast to the serene beaches of the Sunshine Coast, whale season offers a unique opportunity to witness these gentle giants up close. Here’s why this season is the perfect time for a winter getaway, and how our boutique hotels in Queensland provide the perfect base for your adventure.

The Call of the Whales: A Seasonal Spectacle

Each winter, from June to November, the humpback whales make their journey from the Antarctic to the warmer waters of South-East Queensland to mate and give birth, offering spectators a chance to witness their breathtaking breaches, tail slaps, and playful jumps. The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are among the best vantage points in Australia for whale watching, with numerous tours departing daily to bring you as close as possible to these magnificent creatures.

Perfect Places to Stay: Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sunshine Coast

To fully embrace the magic of whale season, finding the right accommodation is key. Our boutique hotels and holiday accommodations on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast are strategically located to offer easy access to whale watching tours, stunning beaches, and the vibrant local culture.

Gold Coast: Known for its sun-kissed beaches and thrilling theme parks, the Gold Coast is a hotspot for tourists seeking both adventure and relaxation. Our holiday accommodation here puts you in the perfect spot to embark on your whale-watching journey, with luxurious amenities to welcome you back after your day at sea.

Brisbane: If you’re looking to combine city sights with coastal delights, our Brisbane accommodations offer the best of both worlds. A short drive will take you to the launching points for some of the most memorable whale-watching experiences in Queensland.

Sunshine Coast: For a more laid-back retreat, the Sunshine Coast’s pristine beaches and quaint coastal towns offer a serene backdrop for your winter holiday. Our resort here is a gateway to intimate whale watching encounters, ensuring a peaceful retreat after a day of exploration.

Why Book Now?

Whale season is a peak time for visitors to South-East Queensland, making it essential to book your holiday accommodation early. Staying at one of our boutique hotels in Queensland ensures not just a room with a view but an experience enveloped in luxury and the warmth of hospitality. Whether you’re drawn to the Gold Coast’s vibrant energy, Brisbane’s cosmopolitan allure, or the Sunshine Coast’s tranquil beauty, our accommodations offer the perfect winter holiday retreat.

As you plan your next escape, consider the unparalleled experience of whale watching in South-East Queensland. With our boutique hotels and resorts in Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sunshine Coast, you’re set for an unforgettable adventure. Don’t miss out on the wonder of whale season; book your next winter holiday with us today and dive into the spectacle that draws visitors from around the world.