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Travelling with kids on a plane can be stressful but the better prepared you are, the better the trip.

Dress for Success

No kid wants to be uncomfortable while travelling. Put them in a nice comfortable tracksuit or pyjamas. Make sure they have layers so they can’t complain about being too hot or too cold.


Use the power of technology

Charge up the iPad or tablet and load up with games and movies for the kids. Make sure you invest in a good pair of headphones so other passengers aren’t bothered by often annoying kid cartoons or games.


Food is your friend

Stock up on healthy snacks that will keep the kids satisfied until the meal arrives. Another idea might be to keep some treats on hand in case you need to put a stop to that temper tantrum pronto! Snacks are also a great way to keep them amused for a while.


Time your travel

Booking flights that are in tune with your kids sleeping patterns is a great way to fly. Flying through the night is a great way for kids to pass time as they will probably sleep through most of it.


Be on time

Be early for check-in and allow plenty of time to get to your gate. There is nothing worse than rushing for time with a curious child through an airport. Make the experience an enjoyable and exciting time and you’re bound to have a happy traveller.


Old School Fun

Use old school games such as playing cards, noughts and crosses and hangman to keep them busy. Kids these days are surrounded by technology and often enjoy simply playing an old-fashioned game with their parents or siblings.


Pack a present or plane bag

New toys or colouring books presented in a present or packaging as they get seated on the plane is a great way to start the trip off on a positive note.


Make Flying Magical

Remember the magic of your first trip on a plane, spend time looking out the window and sharing in the magic of the buildings, cars and people become tiny dots as you take off into the clouds.


Set your kids up for success and use these helpful tips to make for a more pleasant trip. Always remember that kids will be kids and others travel are normally kinder then you think.

Happy Travelling!

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