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Whether you travel once or ten times a year these are the travel essentials everyone should have!

Cosmetic Bag

Every traveller needs a cosmetic case. Cosmetic cases are a great way to keep your suitcase organised. A waterproof one is preferable so that any toiletries don’t leak all over the case. Another great idea is to wrap the cosmetic bag in a plastic bag so that if there are any leaks they can be contained.

Carry on Case

A small suitcase or bag definitely comes in handy. If your going on a short trip packing carryon baggage is a wonderful way to save money on your flight. Carryon bag is also a great way to store laptops, iPads, children’s books and toys on those longer trips or when you are travelling with kids. Make your life a little easier and invest in one with wheels so you don’t have a heavy load to carry on your shoulders.


Headphones are a must have for any travel adventure. Whether its listening to music on your phone while you wait at the airport or watching a movie in the air, having your own set means your ready for entertainment wherever you might be.


Having an excellent quality camera is essential for travel. Pictures are a great way to reminisce on great travel memories.

Travel Documents Case

An essential travel piece is a document holder. When travelling the best way to have a stress-free trip is to keep all important documentation together using a folder or travel case.

Earplugs & Eye Mask

Earplugs and eye masks are not only great when you’re on the plane but can be useful for providing a good night’s rest in unfamiliar hotel rooms or a noisy city.

Universal Travel Adapter

Having one universal travel adapter will make travelling a breeze! No more wading through plenty of plugs and cords. Better yet get one that has a USB port so you can plug your electronics directly into it.

Resealable Bags

Resealable bags are a great travel companion! Whether its to bag up some snacks from the buffet breakfast, put toiletries in or simply store kids pens and pencils in they are a very useful article to have in your bag.

Travel sized toiletries

Next time you’re at the shops invest in some travel size toiletries. This means that if you only need to take a carryon you will meet fluid restrictions. Domestic flights are not subject to liquid restrictions, unless your plane leaves from an international terminal. However, international flights the items must be less than 100 millilitres or grams.


Always ensure you know where your passport is and when it expires. Often a trip can come to a grinding halt if you can’t find it or its expired.

Flip Flops

Always have a pair of flip flops that you can pack when travelling. Besides using them for a day at the beach they can come in handy when you shower or need to wear them around your hotel room.

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