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Visiting the Gold Coast and wondering which rides are the best at each theme park? Wonder no more as we have listed the top 2 rides from each theme park.


Movie World

DC Rivals Hypercoaster

The DC Rivals Hypercoaster is the longest, fastest and tallest rollercoaster in the Southern Hemisphere. The rollercoaster is 1.4 kilometres long and is sure to have you laughing when its finished. The minimum height for the ride is 130 cm.

Superman Escape

Experience the excitement of reaching 100 km an hour in only two seconds. The Superman Escape ride is not for those of the faint heart, as it will sure get your heart racing. The minimum height for the ride is 140 cm. Both DC Rivals Hypercoaster and Superman Escape capture in the moment photos and can be bought at the end of the ride.


Sea World

Storm Coaster

Be prepared to get wet on this ride as you face the 20-meter high storm wave. This ride is perfect for families and is ensured to have everyone smiling. The minimum height for the ride is 110 cm.

Jet Rescue Coaster

The Jet Rescue Coaster ride is based on Sea World’s research and rescue foundation that aided in the rescue of many sea lions from danger. Each rider has their very own jet ski to ride, reaching speeds up to 70km/h. The minimum height of the ride is 125 cm.


Wet ‘n’ Wild

Mammoth Falls

The Mammoth Falls is a water ride for the whole family! It is 250 metres long can have up to 6 people per ride, taking twists and turns all the way down to the bottom. The minimum height for this ride is 100 cm.



This ride takes up to four people and plunges from a 40-meter tunnel into the tornado funnel spinning, side to side while getting splashed. The minimum height for this ride is 120 cm.



The Giant Drop

The Giant Drop is 119 meters high! You get amazing views of the Gold Coast, it’s the closest thing you’ll get to skydiving. While you’re observing the views of the Gold Coast you don’t know when you are going to drop which is the biggest thrill of the ride and the free fall is only 5 seconds. The minimum height for this ride is 120 cm.


Mick Doohan’s Motorcoaster

The Mick Doohan Motorcoaster is the only motorcoaster in the world that has life-size replicas of the 500cc racing bikes. The exhilarating motorcoaster ride reaches 72km/h in just 2 seconds. The minimum height for this ride is 130 cm.

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